Lisa Smith - Make Your House a Home
Make Your House A Home

Lisa Smith, Owner, Make Your House A Home


Having had a lot of previous business experience, Lisa Smith had set herself some clear goals and timeframes for her new venture, Make Your House A Home.

However, despite her great plans, she found herself treading water and knew that time was running out to achieve her growth goal.

“The business my husband and I had built was unable to operate without me there constantly; that was definitely not part of the plan!” Lisa said.

“I opened myself up to coaching with May Partners, which refocused us on reaching our goals…and it actually happened!”

“We met every goal we’d set for the business, much faster than I thought possible.”

“Our revenue has more than tripled in the past two years, with a large percentage going straight to the bottom line.”

“We have also maintained margins, which can be really tough in retail these days.”

Lisa said the coaching made her accountable for goal setting and achievement...

“The best part was that my coach was just as passionate about my business as I was and that makes all the difference.”