Janine Gray - Grays Bakery
Grays Bakery

Janine Gray, Owner, Grays Bakery

A few years ago, Janine felt her business was stagnant and she felt like walking away.

“We lacked direction and motivation and didn’t have the financial freedom we wanted,” she said.

“May Partners provided us with the opportunity to build a winning team around us. Not only do we have a business coach but we also have our accountant working with us as a team, in everything we do in our business.”

“After a few years of seeing sales decline we have experienced double digit growth over the past two years. We had to do something and working closely with May Partners made all the difference. ”

“I can talk to Chris about the business in far more meaningful terms now than just historical numbers; he understands AND adds value to the conversation.”

“Our figures prove that we are definitely moving forward with our business and what we have learned is for life – we will never go back to the position we were in before.”

“Anyone can do this, you don’t have to have a business degree – this is affordable life learning!”