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Farm Household Allowance (FHA)

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October 14, 2015

Federal, Allowance

Farm Household Allowance is a federal government assistance payment for farmers experiencing difficulty.  The program is administered by the Department of Human Services/Centrelink and is subject to certain eligibility criteria.

To get farm household allowance you must:

  • Be a farmer
  • Contribute a significant amount of labour and capital to the farm (this rule is to basically cut out farms that aren’t your main source of income or aren’t of a commercial scale)
  • Satisfy an income and asset test
  • Have regular contact with a Farm Household case officer, which is appointed by DHS
  • Have received FHA for less than 3 years in the past
  • You must also undertake a Farm Financial Assessment

FHA can be applied for online (www.humanservices.gov.au)and Centrelink actually prefer that.  A lot of the information and the farm financial assessment is all done online as well.

The FHA is equivalent to the Newstart Allowance which pays up to $472.60 per f/night (or $24,575 p.a.), each, for a couple and $523 per f/night (or $13,598) for a single person.  In addition there is a health care card as well as vouchers for advice.

Income Limits for a couple:

  • If less than $100 f/night each then can get maximum payment
  • If over $919 each f/night then no payment
  • Off-farm income, can be offset against interest payment in some special circumstances.  Basically this can only happen if you have a loss for the year.

Assets test:

  • non-farm assets limit of $286,500 for a couple combined
  • Net asset limit of $2.55 million

For further information please feel free to contact either DHS or us.

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