Chris Waterson - Financial Strategy
  • Chris Waterson
  • Chris Waterson

    Director, CPA & Financial Strategist

    With formal training in accounting, Chris has worked with hundreds of businesses in improving their business performance. Chris combines an analytical mind and a straightforward approach to solving the mysteries of business success. He challenges his clients to always be on the lookout for a better way, not simply accepting the norm.

    Being a business owner himself, Chris knows the challenges and opportunities that are there on a daily basis for those crazy enough to make the step to be a business owner.

    Although a trained accountant, Chris absolutely doesn't speak in "accountant talk". His ability to take complicated business issues, and transform them into everyday language has won over many business owners. 'One of my most memorable experiences would certainly be in providing a profit and cashflow plan for a client that showed that at the time given the input costs of their business they were better off actually slowing down the business activity - the result was a profit increase of $165k in the next 12 months. A great result for them and exactly the kind of work I enjoy doing. Its all about learning how to work smarter not necessarily harder.'

    As a speaker, educator and business owner, Chris now works with business owners teaching them how to make simple changes in their business to positively impact their business and personal results.