Rick Henery - Tax Minimisation
  • Rick Henery
  • Rick Henery

    Director, CPA & Taxation Specialist

    With the uncanny ability to analyse a business and identify seemingly hidden areas of potential improvement and risk, Rick is a huge asset to our clients. He is our go-to man when it comes to reducing tax & providing strong business foundations for our clients.

    'Without a doubt, knowing the amount of tax that we can save clients over years is one of the most exciting parts of my role. I really enjoy sitting down to a complicated situation and challenging myself to come up with a great solution.' Rick said. 'My best experiences in the recent months is definitely meeting with a client letting them know that by restructuring their business I was able to save them $80,000 each year for the next 6 years; It really is amazing what can be achieved."

    In his spare time Rick is a mad Collingwood supporter - something that we like to forgive him for given he is actually really good at saving our clients big $$!